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Rhett's agility page
Rhett and I started training agility (first time for both of us) in June of 2011.  In October 2011 we went to our first trial.  
Being a baby dog to agility and myself a novice, Rhett did quite well coming home with 3 qualifying legs...3 greens and 3 blues. One each in Fast, JWW, and Standard. We accomplished this with two clean runs under time, 17 seconds to spare in the Standard !!!  
 We had fun even though the weather was cold, windy, and rainy.
Very proud of my boy....QQQ our first time out.
Here are some photos to enjoy of our first trial. 
(pics not in event order, grouped by obstacles.)

Thank you for sharing this fun time at our very first agility trial.

Rhett loves doing agility and we are looking forward to many more days in the field.
Back from the age of 4 days old Rhett has been wanting to go higher and higher.
 He loves the A frame !
Lots of room for improvement in the weaves.
 He does them currently needing  hand holding and slow ...and thinks it quite silly.
Air lifting to the table ?
Love you, too !
5 4 3 2 1 go....
To the 
To the 
Jumping is quite fun !!